Season Passes

Regular Annual Pass$1,625.00
Additional Family Member$650.00
Regular Semi-Annual Pass$1,000.00
Additional Family Member$500.00
Regular Quarterly Pass$650.00
Additional Family Member$325.00
NMSU Faculty/Staff Annual Pass$1,200.00
Additional Family Member$480.00
NMSU Faculty/Staff Semi-Annual Pass$720.00
Additional Family Member$360.00
NMSU Faculty/Staff Quarterly Pass$480.00
Additional Family Member$240.00
NMSU Retirees (10-1-07 & prior) Weekend Pass$585.00
prices DO NOT include 5% gross receipts tax

All Inclusive Pass

ADD Unlimited Carts to your current PASS!

Example: For a Regular ANNUAL PASS with unlimited CART rides, the total cost would be $3,475.

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by the Pro Shop and ask for Jason White.
Regular Pass$1,000.00
Additional Family Member$700.00
Semi-Annual Pass$700.00
Additional Family Member$500.00
Quarterly Pass$500.00
Additional Family Member$300.00