Daily Greens Fees

Public Weekday 18 Holes$26.00
Public Weekday 9 Holes$16.00
Public Weekday Sundown$14.00
Public Weekend 18 Holes$33.00
Public Weekend 9 Holes$20.00
Public Weekend Sundown$18.00
Faculty/Staff Weekday 18 Holes$19.00
Faculty/Staff Weekday 9 Holes$12.00
Faculty/Staff Weekday Sundown$11.00
Faculty/Staff Weekend 18 Holes$26.00
Faculty/Staff Weekend 9 Holes$17.00
Faculty/Staff Weekend Sundown$14.00
Senior/Military Weekday 18 Holes$23.00
Senior/Military Weekday 9 Holes$14.00
Senior/ Military Weekday Sundown$13.00
Senior/ Military Weekend 18 Holes$30.00
Senior/Military Weekend 9 Holes$18.00
Senior/Military Weekend Sundown$16.00
Student Weekday/Weekend 18 Holes$15.00
Student Weekday/Weekend 9 Holes$ 9.00
Student Weekday/Weekend Sundown$ 8.00
Heat of Day Weekday (Seasonal)$18.00
Heat of Day Weekend (Seasonal)$23.00
Heat of Day Weekday Faculty/Staff (Seasonal)$14.00
Heat of Day Weekend Faculty/Staff (Seasonal)$17.00
Heat of Day Weekday Senior/Military (Seasonal)$16.00
Heat of Day Weekend Senior/Military (Seasonal)$19.00
all prices include 5% gross receipts tax